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10th Jan 2019

WATCH: Irish lady in Australia has most Irish reaction to the news that a great white shark is near the beach

Rory Cashin


“We were just watching Jaws!”

As Irish people, we never quite react to things the way the rest of the world does.

We are famous (or even infamous) for taking the worst news in the world with a bit of a shrug and a “Well sure look, this is it…”, but then fantastically overreacting to even the slightest inconvenience.

Which is why this news crew in Australia probably tried to specifically seek out an Irish person to react to the news that a great white shark had been spotted just a few feet from the shore of a very popular beach.

7 News Sydney showed drone footage of the shark, which appeared to follow a lone seal into the shallow waters at Tamarama Beach, situated between Bondi Beach and Bronte Beach in Sydney.

The reporters then gathered a couple of reactions from folks in the area, the majority of which were filled with concern that there was a big shark nearby, but also relief that nobody had been hurt and that the lifeguards managed to shoo it away.

And then they cut to the Irish lady being told the news…

Watch the news report in full below, the contribution of the Irish lady in question starts at around 44 seconds…

Meanwhile, it had also been reported that two shark bites happened in shallow beach water at a location off Resort Drive near the Whitsunday Islands.

The two victims – a young girl and an elderly woman – were taken to a nearby medical centre to be treated for their injuries.