The number of times Irish people have sex a week has been revealed 1 year ago

The number of times Irish people have sex a week has been revealed

Uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, cinco, seis.

The sexiest day of the year is ahead of us, and Durex has compiled some interesting data about Ireland's sexual preferences for the day that's in it.

The sexual wellbeing company conducted a survey among 1,443 Irish adults nationwide in January 2018 and the results are, dare we say it, sexy.

When asked the question, "what is the key to a happy relationship?", 66% of Irish people said that communication takes the number one spot with humour coming next at an impressive 21%.

Turns out laughter is the second best medicine, who knew?

And when it comes to sexier pastures, a huge 83% of people rated the importance of a good sex life at 7/10 or above.

Making use of the excuse for romance, plenty of couples will crank up the heat this 14 February, with one in five saying they will celebrate between the sheets, with 30% of couples planning a cosy night in with dinner and a movie.

And it turns out that over half of us commit a considerable amount of our weeks to the cause, with 53% of people admitting that they have sex 2-3 times per week as well as an active 6% doing so every day.

Having already revealed that mutual orgasms are important in successful relationships, 66% of couples also stated that cooking and eating together is another hugely important part of their everyday romance. 38% say sharing household chores is most beneficial in making them feel like happy equals, followed by splitting the bill at dinner, which comes in at a respectable 17%.

Romance isn't dead my friends. And neither is Netflix and chilling, apparently.