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WATCH: The footage of a hail-storm in Istanbul this weekend is properly scary
This is like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

This is like a scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

While we here in Ireland continue to be gripped - GRIPPED, we tells ye! - in the midst of an equally warm and wet end to the summer, elsewhere in the world, the weather is ... well ... it looks like this...

That, friends, is the scene in Turkey's capital, where the hail is reported to have been up to 9cm in diameter.

We don't have to inform you that a chunk of ice that size would do some serious damage to anyone or anything that happened to have found themselves outdoors at the time.

It is just the latest in a series of weather-incidents across Southern Europe and Eastern Asia.

According to, seven cities in Spain have recorded their record highs for the month of July this year, including Grenada, where the temperatures have peaked above 43 degrees.


Meanwhile, heatwaves in Italy have caused massive wild-fires, and the culture ministry in Greece was forced to close down several tourist attractions due to dangerous high temperatures recorded there.

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