JOE and Corona help you Find Your Beach – You and the lads are off to Crete 7 years ago

JOE and Corona help you Find Your Beach – You and the lads are off to Crete

White sandy beaches, lovely ladies in bikinis and a cool Corona in your hand... the perfect Summer situation.

However, let’s not forget that we are in Ireland after all (not magnificent Mexico), so the chances of all of that happening here are few and far between.


Every week, JOE brings you some brilliant beach ideas that you can try out while the sun still shines. So whether it’s planning an insane weekend with the lads, or an indulgent weekend away with the lady friend, we spread the JOEspiration to help lads Find Their Beach.

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Up this week is our perfect weekend away with the lads and we’re following in the footsteps of The Inbetweeners and making our way to Crete. We’re not sure how wise it is to follow the lead of those lads but here goes anyway...

Crete, the largest of the Greek islands, is also one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean so if it’s an absolutely buzzing beach scene you’re after, this is the place for you.

Plus, any place where the locals are known as Cretans must be good craic to be fair.

In particular, Malia Beach is the spot to visit, especially if you’ve already started partying before the plane has even landed. Populated with clubs with names like Orgasmic and Corkers, we think you get the idea of what type of party experience you and the lads are in for.


The cracking weather on the island means that, as you laze away your aftenoons on the beautiful beaches, you’ll also have the chance to stop using that fake tan you’ve been hiding in that old shoebox under your bed. Come on, admit it. We’ve all used seen it.

And if the partying becomes just a little bit much for you then fear not because culture is right around the corner. The island is one of the most historically rich areas in the Mediterranean and is in fact the site of the earliest recorded civilization in Europe.

And no, “historically rich” does mean an older lady with lots of money you chancers.

Speaking of culture (of sorts), if Crete is good enough for Will, Jay, Neil and Simon then it’s definitely good enough for you and your pals. Plus you’ll also get the chance to show off your undeniably amazing dancing skills. Let’s just hope you’re as good as the lads themselves:



In the meantime you can head to CretanBeaches  for all of your Crete beach enquiries you wannabe Cretan.

Now that you’re in the mood to go partying at a beautiful Grecian beach, you should enter our exclusive Beach Break competition in association with Corona Extra and Corona Light.


For more details check out the official Corona Facebook page here.

Mexico – the place to be.