JOE's Style Icons - Dean Martin 9 years ago

JOE's Style Icons - Dean Martin

The title of best dressed man in the Rat Pack pack is a difficult one to award, but it might well go to Deano.

With HTC’s most beautifully designed phone yet, the HTC One m8, going on sale in Ireland later this week, we continue our evolution of style series by looking at one of the most stylish men with a smooth voice that made him a worldwide star: Dean Martin. To be a member of the Rat Pack, you needed to have style, and ol' Deano had it in spades, no matter what the occasion.


Singer Dean Martin

He dressed in timeless and classic pieces, and could often be seen, as most of the other members of the Pack, wearing a sharp suit, but pulled it off so well that he became known as the 'King of Cool', which is quite a statement about how stylish he was.

Martin started off his career by forming a partnership with comedian Jerry Lewis, and they made the perfect straight man/funny man act that got them both recognition from Hollywood. As his solo singing and acting career gaining speed, he met and became friends with Frank Sinatra, eventually forming The Rat Pack and filming Oceans 11, later remade starring another men's style icon, George Clooney. The Rat Pack version is still a classic, however, and has been influential for decades.

Frank Sinatra At The Friars Club


Deano's style has never gone out of fashion as he never really followed any particular fads, rather he simply dressed well and in what made him feel himself. His classic suits, tweed blazers and knitted ties would be as at home today on any high street as they were during the 1950s and '60s, proving that great design never ages. His Christmas album is also a must have for the Yuletide season, so don't forget that in a few months' time.

Dean Martin

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