JOE's Wish List: A night of chat about Liverpool, hipster football jerseys and cameras 9 years ago

JOE's Wish List: A night of chat about Liverpool, hipster football jerseys and cameras

Christmas has come and gone, so it's time to get ourselves the few things that were on our list but not under the tree.

As usual, JOE is lusting after something that we want but can't afford, or can't find, so we've decided to put a list together, because that's what we do on the dark gloomy evenings of January.


The anatomy of Liverpool: An Evening with Jonathan Wilson & Scott Murray and host John Keith

If you're a fan of the Merseyside club, then there's a night in the Sugar Club this week that's a must see, where acclaimed football authors Jonathan Wilson and Scott Murray discuss their most recent book, The Anatomy of Liverpool: A History in Ten Matches.

As the title suggests, they look at ten of the most important matches in the history of the club and how they impacted the team that we know today, as well as looking at their illustrious past and how these matches defined their time, or highlighted the end of an era. We're sure that there are plenty of sports books that might not have been under the tree at Christmas, and if this wasn't one of them, then you should head out and get it now so you have time to read it before the Q&A session this weekend.

anatomy of Liverpool


The event takes place on Sunday, January 12th, at the Sugar Club in Dublin, where Murray and Wilson will be joined by broadcasting legend John Keith, who will chair the discussion. They're expecting a pretty high demand, so you can get your tickets (including a value bundle with a signed copy of the book) right here to avoid disappointment.

Hipster football jerseys

On the long cold evenings of January, we know we have to get back to exercising, and there's no better way to do that than getting your mates together for a bit of five a side or a kickabout. However, you can't just show up in any old Manchester United shirt or Arsenal training top, you've got to be the lad wearing the Bulgarian second division shirt, because you've always admired their high pressing style.

Well, maybe we won't go that far, but we wouldn't mind some Bundesliga tops, or maybe the new PSG strip. We're also big fans of the blue Real Madrid strip, just to go against the fact that everyone seems to be in love with Barcelona. We really want this beauty from Palmeiras, but we can't find it anywhere.


plameiras third kit

We've been eyeing up shirts on ProDirect Soccer, Subside Sports and in Lifestyle, where they have a good collection. If you want the really obscure and you live in Dublin, check out Sportsmith in the Irish Life Mall. We're talking Saint-Etienne and Olympiakos obscure....

Canon SX 510 HS

Cameras are everywhere these days, with people carrying around their phones, but you can't beat a proper optical zoom in our book, and this Canon has plenty of that. We had it for trial recently and brought it along to first game in charge of the MONKEANO era to get a few snaps. Even though we were at the other side of the stadium, we still were able to zoom in and check out what the lads were up to on the bench.




The main selling point is that zoom, as it's a very compact camera that we were able to just throw under our coat. Now, we were wearing a heavy coat, but still, we didn't really notice the bulk, and if you know you're going to want to snap some quality pics, then this is a great option. You can check out all the tech specs on the Canon website, or check out Conns Cameras or the John Gunn Camera Shop, where you should be able to pick one up for around €200, which is a great price we must admit.