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Kanye believe it!? One man’s brilliant reaction to rapper selling plain white t-shirts for $120
Check out this ridiculous new Kanye Vest

Sweet baby Yeezus in Heaven, Kanye West is selling plain white t-shirts for a whopping $120.

According to French fashion label A.P.C. (who collaborated on the ‘design’ with Kanye) the product was a phenomenal two years in the making before all parties settled on the incredibly imaginative design that you see below:


It seems to JOE that Mr Kardashian could well be the smartest man on the planet as the extortionate t-shirt has already sold out, despite having only gone on sale this week.

It really is the perfect case of The Emperor’s Shit New Clothes.

One man, according to uproxx, was rightly so incensed by the rapper’s move, that he wrote the perfect, hilarious review in response to the sale. The rant even has a SpongeBob SquarePants reference. Brilliant:



For an excellent, cheap, Irish alternative, look no further than our very own Dunnes Stores. They’re selling a pretty much identical product for the slightly more reasonable price of €3-€5.


The bonus?

They come in a Tupac... RAP JOKE!



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