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08th Jul 2018

PIC: Garda stop car in Kildare and it would be easier to list the laws the driver didn’t break

Rory Cashin

It takes a lot of work to get this much wrong on the road.

Listen, nobody is perfect.

We all make mistakes.

But we usually spread those “mistakes” out over a period of time, and not attempt to do them all at once.

Which isn’t something that can be said of this driver.

Traffic police down in Kildare posted the below picture of the car that was seized, and then proceeded to list everything that was discovered during the search:

Insurance? Nope.

Tax? Nada.

I.D.? Apparently not.

License? Nah.

Tyres? Three out of four of them were bald.

Cannabis? Yep, the herb was seized along with the car. Plus it was in the driver’s system.

Anything else? Cocaine, which the driver also tested positive for.

That is ….. a lot of “mistakes”, driver.

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