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09th Jul 2017

Las Vegas has legalized recreational marijuana, and has almost run out after just one week

Ocean's 420, anyone?

Rory Cashin

MJ in LV now has a thumps up from the local PD.

Yup, you can now totally head to America’s West Coast party-town and completely, totally, 100% legally blaze one down.

However, having said that, there is already a little problem…

On 1 July this year, Nevada began the legal selling of recreational marijuana, which was actually celebrated with a green fireworks display, and a couple getting married in a massive marijuana warehouse.

So far, so Vegas.

Clip via CNN

State Senator Tick Segerblom was the guy who really championed for the legalisation of weed in Nevada, and he reckoned that the sales of recreational weed could generate at a minimum $60 million in revenue for the state over the next twenty-four months.

However, the unprecedented demand (Really? To who was the demand for this a surprise?) for pot ended up with $3 million in sales in just one week, with one third of that going towards tax revenues for Nevada.

If that were to continue, that would wind up well in excess of $100 million in tax revenue in the first two years alone.

And if anything, that number is likely to increase, as the demand is already massively outstripping demand, and some vendors in Vegas are already claiming to be close to being completely sold out of weed.

For the first 18 months of sales, marijuana distribution is tied exclusively to liquor wholesalers, and not enough outlets have been given licences to sell the weed, which caused (A) the few outlets to already sell out, and (B) a bottleneck to form between the marijuana distributors and the outlets, but then (C) once more outlets are made legal to sell, we’re back to the “not enough pot” problem, as the grow-houses need about a year to re-grow the weed to sell.

So if you were running out to book your flights and accommodation on the Strip off the back of this news, keep in mind that the only high you might experience is on the plane over and back.

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