LISTEN: John Waters storms out of interview with Eamon Dunphy 4 years ago

LISTEN: John Waters storms out of interview with Eamon Dunphy

He called Dunphy a "fucking bollocks."

Irish writer John Waters, who is campaigning for a No vote in Ireland's referendum on the Eighth Amendment, appeared to walk out of an interview with Eamon Dunphy in a clip published by The Stand podcast Souncloud account today.


The discussion grew heated as Dunphy asked Waters for his thoughts on the morning-after pill, and the question of when life begins.

"This is typical of the media attempt to turn this into something else," Waters argued. "These are extraordinary philosophical questions... These are angels dancing on the head of a pin when there are tanks coming down the main street."

Dunphy responded by saying "You're trying to bully me now." When Dunphy tried to further expand on his argument, Waters called time on the discussion.

"We have 40 minutes to do an interview about this, so can we talk about the issue or else I'm going home." Waters quickly went on to say, "I'm fed up of this, listen. You told me this would be a fair interview, this is not a fair interview. You're a bollocks, you're a fucking bollocks. You can fuck off, Eamon."


Waters finished by saying "Talk to Una Mullaly, fuck off," referring to Dunphy's guest for the Yes edition of the podcast, Irish Times writer Una Mullaly.

Throughout all this, Dunphy pleaded his case with Waters and said that he is himself a "No voter."

Dunphy has explained his decision to publish the interview with Waters, saying: "Okay folks, that's what happened. It's very unfortunate and I'm very sad about it. It was the intention to have somebody representing the No side and to balance that with somebody, Una Mullaly, and Irish Times journalist, representing the Yes side. So, the No side have disappeared and people can... I'm glad we played it out because people can make their own mind up about what occurred."

Both interviews can be heard in full below.