Were you there? We look back at the Throwback Stage from this year's Electric Picnic 2 years ago

Were you there? We look back at the Throwback Stage from this year's Electric Picnic

Brought to you by Electric Ireland. 

A look back at the weekend's events.

There were plenty of highlights at this year's Electric Picnic but things really kicked off at Electric Ireland's Throwback Stage at the weekend.

Three of the biggest events over the weekend were the live performances by Ace of Base's Jenny Berggren on Friday and S Club Party followed by 5ive on Saturday. This chart trio brought the nineties back to life in more ways that one. People certainly got the feeling watching their childhood heroes bring it all back!

Still, there was a bit of everything on offer over the three days.

The Throwback Stage had everything you wanted to bring you back to your youth.

Films we grew up with. Check. Nostalgia. Check.

Old school dance-offs. Check.

Tunes from your youth. Check, check and more check.

There was everything you needed if you were looking to party. Spring Break, Smash Hits and more were on hand to provide the tunes and there was no shortage of throwback events to keep the crowd amused.

There was even a chance to chill out in the afternoon with some classic throwback movies like Dumb and Dumber, Police Academy and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Which was handy if you'd danced yourself out at the previous night's events!

And for anyone having some throwback withdrawals, here's a quick fix to get you through Monday!

Electric Ireland is the official energy partner of Electric Picnic. This year's Throwback Stage included chart sensations 5ive, S Club Party, and Jenny Berggren from Ace of Base and plenty of nostalgic fun and frolics.

Brought to you by Electric Ireland.