Man at the beach doesn't fancy sunbathing, brings his own couch instead 5 years ago

Man at the beach doesn't fancy sunbathing, brings his own couch instead


A popular opinion. This heatwave is class.


A slightly unpopular opinion. Sunbathing at the beach is absolutely shite.

Granted, we're absolutely delighted to see this great weather but unless you have a book, newspaper or an album to listen to, it's pretty dull just lying down on the sand and doing nothing.

Aside from the fact that sand gets everywhere, most beaches are usually wedged with people and you'll probably have to walk an eternity to reach the bloody water. Yep, an Irish beach can be a drab affair.

Let's be honest, we're not equipped with jet skis, pedalos, five-a-side football pitches, parasailing and the rest of that ilk. Christ, we're even lucky if a lifeguard shows up - case in point here.


On this note, a man in Scotland has gone hell for leather - quite literally - in an effort to make his trip to the beach as comfortable as possible.

Take a look at this man who decided to bring his L-shaped sofa to a beach in Edinburgh.

All he needs now is a mini-fridge that's full of cans and a decent 4G signal to watch the World Cup on his phone. Bliss.

Truth be told, we've got so many questions. 1)Why? 2) How did it get there? 3) Does he plan on brining it back? 4) Is his arse not burning on the leather? 5) Will he be bringing any extra bits of furniture tomorrow? 6) Is it staying there?


No time to explain, just go with it.