Many viewers ended up taking Spicer's side after that Late Late Show interview 2 years ago

Many viewers ended up taking Spicer's side after that Late Late Show interview

Everyone was glued to the TV last night for this.

In what will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most talked about episodes of The Late Late Show in living history, it is surprising that the Sean Spicer interview will almost get lost in the mix.

Between Liam Neeson's comments on the #MeToo movement (more on that to come) and that bizarre bin segment (check out the public reaction to that here), nobody could have guessed that Tubridy's interview with Trump's former press secretary would comparatively barely register.

Just looking at the Twitter trending map in Ireland, Neeson's comments garnered nearly five times as many tweets as Spicer's interview did. And we all thought Liam would just be talking about his new action movie and get misty-eyed about filming Michael Collins!

Tubridy's interview with Spicer went on for 21 minutes (comparatively, that bin segment went on for 16 minutes, for some reason), and if you missed it, here were some of the "highlights", such as talking about agreeing with Trump's Border Wall:

His personal reaction to the leaked Trump tapes with Billy Bush involving sexually aggressive comments against women:

And the fallout he experienced having made the statement that Hitler never used chemical weapons:

All clips via The Late Late Show

While nobody was expecting Spicer to come out of the interview smelling of roses, the only reaction did practically come to his defence, with many finding Tubridy's interview style to be outwardly antagonistic from the get go: