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Oh dear...

The Late Late Show on Friday night had so much promise. Liam Neeson, some good tunes from The Academic and an interview with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

But then a bin was brought out on stage and all hell broke loose... on social media that is.

Basically, the idea was that popular author Eoin Colfer, Maura Derrane and James Kavanagh would list things they wanted to put in the bin in 2018, and the vote would go the audience to decide whether it would be consigned the depths of the silver bin in front of them.

We'll just say that it wasn't a popular segment with many of the people watching at home.


We're just looking at it from Sean Spicer's perspective, as he sits back stage and wonders what the hell he's signed up for... and he worked for Donald Trump in the chaotic White House.



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