Mayo man loses iPhone partying in Las Vegas, Find My iPhone locates it in Tipperary five days later 5 years ago

Mayo man loses iPhone partying in Las Vegas, Find My iPhone locates it in Tipperary five days later

What happens in Vegas… ends up in Tipperary, apparently.

***Story updated as of 11.30am, Thursday, 6 July. Scroll to the bottom of the page for details.*** 


Plenty of people who visit Las Vegas for a good time end up losing a lot more than an iPhone – a lot of money and dignity come to mind – so it could have been worse for Mayo man Ian McWalter, who departed Sin City without his brand new iPhone 6S after a weekend of partying last month.

Losing a top of the range phone is still really annoying, however and Ian was determined to do all in his power to recover it after it was left behind at a pool party in MGM Wet Republic on Saturday, June 24.

Having left the venue and realised the phone was still there, attempts by Ian to gain re-entry and recover it fell on deaf ears. Instead, he was instructed to call lost and found, which he did repeatedly for the following two days he spent in Vegas, with no joy.

Ian returned to Vancouver, where he now lives, on the Monday and after checking the Find My iPhone app, he discovered that the phone was still showing up at the MGM in Las Vegas. Again, however, calls to the MGM in an attempts to recover it were unsuccessful.


The following Thursday, five days after losing the phone, Ian says his phone starting going nuts in his pocket at 5am Vancouver time as the Find My iPhone app had detected his phone in Nenagh in Tipperary.

Ian says he and his friends were sat next to a group of girls from Tipperary while at the party at MGM Wet Republic, figures that it somehow ended up in their possession and is seeking help in recovering it.


The exact address is blocked out above, but if you happen to know of anyone from the Nenagh area that was in Las Vegas on the weekend of 24-25 June and might be able to help, feel free to let us know via the usual channels below.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but if an exception could be made in this case to help Ian get his phone back, then that would be just great.

UPDATE: A member of the party of Tipperary girls has been in touch with JOE to confirm that they have the phone, having unsuccessfully tried to contact the owner, Ian, after realising it was in their possession on their return from Las Vegas.


Contact has been made between both parties and arrangements have been made for its return to Ian. All’s well that ends well.

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