Michael D. Higgins has chimed in on the Irish Rugby team's Grand Slam win 5 years ago

Michael D. Higgins has chimed in on the Irish Rugby team's Grand Slam win

Middelgy Higgins, you've done it again.

The Irish rugby team won the Grand Slam at Twickenham on Saturday, something that's never been done in Irish sporting history.


Only Ireland's third Grand Slam of all time, none will have ever been sweeter than winning it in London on St. Patrick's Day. The whole country has been celebrating since the shrill tones of final whistle were blown, and tributes have been paid from all corner's of the world, including our president.

In a statement posted to his official website, the Irish President commended the team and their coaches for their hard work, talent and commitment.

“Today's Grand Slam victory for the Irish rugby team in Twickenham, on our national day, is a fantastic achievement and source of encouragement, not only for the team and their coaches, but for all of us who enjoy and support Irish sport. 

This historic achievement – winning an Caithréim Mhór – is the greatest prize in European rugby and a much-deserved accolade for this talented Irish team, which has shown exemplary determination and cohesion throughout this Six Nations campaign. 


Today's performance and the tremendous team effort throughout the tournament have ensured that this superb Irish team have secured a place in sporting history and they will be remembered for generations to come. 

Their example of what is possible when talent, skill, commitment and hard work combine with creativity and flair will inspire countless young people to take up sport and seek to challenge themselves. 

As President of Ireland, I congratulate the team, the coaching staff and all those who have supported the players and thank them for the wonderful memory they have gifted us on what will be a Saint Patrick’s Day never to be forgotten by all those who appreciate excellence in sport and matters Irish.” 

Earlier on in the week, President Higgins released his annual St Patrick's Day message – lauding Ireland's diaspora and all the work they do to keep up the good name of Ireland and its communities.


A better president we will never, ever have.