Travel experts list three Irish locations in top 10 friendliest places in the entire world 2 years ago

Travel experts list three Irish locations in top 10 friendliest places in the entire world

By comparison, nowhere else in Europe made the list.

We always knew we were pretty friendly, but this latest poll has absolutely confirmed it.


Worldwide travel specialists Condé Nast held a special Readers’ Choice Awards survey, and Ireland managed to make the list not once, not twice, but a staggering three times.

The top spot went to the same Mexican town that took the award home last year, while another Mexican town made the top ten list, too. However, only Ireland managed to make it three times, which is huge considering that not a single other European city or town made the list.

Also? No love for USA, Africa or most of Asia.

You can read the full list here, but we've left in their explanations for why these three Irish locations have made the list:

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

2. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

3. Cork, Ireland


Ireland was the star of this year's survey, with three Irish cities making the top 10 alone. First up is Cork, an intimate (and picturesque, thanks to its riverfront location) town on the southwest coast of Ireland.

As with most cities on the Emerald Isle, Cork is bursting with cozy pubs and beer gardens, where you can "enjoy the outdoors while sharing a table with friendly locals." Don't forget to set aside some time to browse the local art galleries and load up on goodies at the English Market.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand

5. Galway, Ireland

Galway is in a prime location on Ireland's west coast, close to the Aran Islands and Connemara region. But the town itself is so charming, you might find yourself sticking close to the cobblestoned streets and ancient architecture for at least a day or two.


Readers were particularly struck by the locals, who "instantly make you feel welcomed." During the day, make time to snap some photos of the Spanish Arch and the Claddagh; nights are reserved for sipping Guinness with the friendly crowds.

6. Puebla, Mexico

7. Adelaide, Australia

8. Dublin, Ireland


That's right folks, yet another Irish city. Sure, the capital city of Dublin has seen a spike in global companies and expats putting down roots, but it has still maintained its Irishness. Notably friendly residents give Midwesterners a run for their money, and you never get shoved aside on a busy street; it's par for the course to slow down to a stroll through St. Stephen's Green, or linger over a meal at one of the city's buzzy new restaurants.

Nearly every street has (at least) one pub filled with both locals and tourists, coming together to celebrate life—and that welcoming vibe lasts even after a couple pints. In short: "Great people, lots of activities, terrific nightlife. What's not to love?"

9. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

10. Chiang Mai, Thailand