Need to upgrade your man-bag game? We asked some style experts to help us out 1 year ago

Need to upgrade your man-bag game? We asked some style experts to help us out

When you've got a lot of stuff to carry, and your wallet just isn't big enough.

We're back to give you some more style advice.

Well, when we say "we", we really mean that we asked some people who are far more stylish and style-aware than we are, and asked them for some help.

They recently told us what was the one must-own item for the summer, which you should check out right here.

This time, we were focused a bit more on the accessories, and more specifically, men's bags.

It can be a bit of a minefield, because as useful as carrying what is basically a schoolbag around can be, they tend not to be super stylish.

Additionally, we have been informed that the over-the-shoulder messenger bag is also a bit out of date, so where do we go next?

Apparently, The Rock (and, by extension, Seth Rogen) were kind of ahead of the fashion curve, as a variation on the bum-bag (or fanny-pack to our American cousins) is the next big thing.

We asked the men's style experts in Brown Thomas for advice, and they told us that:

"This season the new bag style to have is a cross body belt bag (basically a bum-bag) but it’s now worn across the chest, not around the waist anymore. Loved at all the fashion weeks – this is moving into the mainstream now."

The one above is by Stussy (priced at €110), and the one below is by Dolce & Gabbana (priced at €650), so there are examples available for the fashion-conscious on both ends of the pricing scale.

And now that you know they're about to break into the mainstream, you can stay ahead of the men's fashion curve for the rest of the year.

Your man-bag game will be on point!