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26th Aug 2019

Nespresso is bringing out a range of Starbucks pods inspired by your favourite coffees


Denise Curtin

Starbucks coffee at su casa.

Starbucks range of Nespresso blends are finally coming to Ireland and will be available to purchase in supermarkets and online retailers from Monday, 2 September.

The coffee found in Starbucks by Nespresso is a precise roast of the signature Starbucks taste and will feature the same ethical and premium grade Arabica coffee beans.

You can choose from 8 sleeves of the new range and it’ll cover something for every coffee drinker from a light to a dark roast and even decaf.

The Starbucks by Nespresso line-up includes:

  • Blonde Espresso Roast (Blonde roast)
  • Colombia (Single Origin) (Medium roast)
  • House Blend (Medium roast)
  • Pike Place (Medium roast)
  • Sumatra (Single Origin) (Dark roast) (Tesco exclusive)
  • Caffe Verona (Dark roast)
  • Espresso Roast (Dark roast)
  • Decaf Espresso Roast (Dark roast)

This Starbucks by Nespresso range follows on from Nespresso release of iced coffee pods earlier this summer. You can purchase the new range from Monday, 2 September from all major retailers across Ireland.

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