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13th Oct 2017

New study reveals the 10 safest cities in the world to live in

Might be time for a move?

Rory Cashin

Might be a time for a move?

In a new study published by The Economist, the Safe Cities Index for 2017 took into account 49 different factors to come up with their score structure, which included everything from the under-reporting of sex crimes against women to the risks of urban terrorism to a person’s digital safety.

Additionally, only 60 major cities in the world were ranked, in what seems to be based on a minimum requirement of population (so no sign of Dublin), with our closest neighbouring city London coming in at 20th place.

The majority of American cities also missed out on any particularly high rankings – San Francisco was highest, at 15th – as the index took into account things like health care and gun violence, so… yeah.

At the very bottom of the list was Karachi in Pakistan, scoring just 38.77 out of a possible 100, and there was a large gap between it and the city which landed in 2nd last, Yangon in Burma.

On the opposite end of the league, there are a lot of countries that overlap with the World’s Happiest Cities list, and you’ll notice that all ten cities are built at a major body of water.

And they are as follows:

10. Zurich, Switzerland

9. Hong Kong, Chine

8. Stockholm, Sweden

7. Sydney, Australia

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

5. Melbourne, Australia

4. Toronto, Canada

3. Osaka, Japan

2. Singapore

1. Toyko, Japan

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