Dentist shows dangers of using your teeth to open beer bottles 1 year ago

Dentist shows dangers of using your teeth to open beer bottles

It's 2021 - we shouldn't have to tell you not to be opening beers with your teeth.

Technology is truly incredible. It has given us the phones and computers you're reading these words on right now. It's given us satellites, WiFi, electric cars and planes.


Often, it's the more modest inventions which are the most effective, like the humble bottle opener.

Bottle openers have been around for a very long time, making our lives easier for us. Unfortunately, despite that, the advent of the bottle opener has not stopped people from using their very own teeth to open bottles.

It's a stupid idea, which no one should ever carry out, and now doctors and dentists have taken to TikTok to show the true consequences that can materialise by doing it.

Prompted by a viral video of singer Madison Beer using her teeth to open a bottle, Doctor Tristan Peh, in Singapore, responded to it, saying: "Do not use your teeth as tools!


"Using your teeth as a bottle opener can cause chipping, breaking or fracture of your teeth.

"Please don't do it!"


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His message was followed by that of another dentist Yann Roy, who held up a model set of teeth, and said simply: "Be careful with your teeth."

In truth, all of this is common knowledge. You know you shouldn't open a beer bottle with your teeth. Your teeth are important, and you need them. So don't be an eejit.