People who use emojis on dating apps get more dates and have more sex 3 years ago

People who use emojis on dating apps get more dates and have more sex

And no, not just the eggplant emoji...

Where do you stand on emojis?


A handy shorthand for getting your feelings about something across quickly and succinctly?

Or something that is only used by those who can't spell out their emotions with letters and words?

Well, regardless of your feelings (insert appropriate emoji here) about them, it turns out that those who use them more on dating apps and while flirting via texts, both end up having a more successful dating life, as well as having more sex than those who don't use them at all.

The research (via Psychology Now) based on two different studies first asked how often do people use emojis when chatting to someone they hope to date and/or hook-up with.


38% said they never do, 29% hardly ever do, 28% regularly use them, 3% use at least one in every text, and 2.5% use more than one in every text.

Researchers then performed a deeper dive on those figures, and discovered that those who use more emojis were more likely to be successful in getting that first date, as well as being more likely to get a second date or begin a relationship with someone they sent the emojis to, compared to those who didn't send any.

Additionally, those who used emojis recorded more sexual partners than those who didn't use any.

While the study isn't suggesting that using emojis will get your more sex or find you a partner, it does suggest that those who use emojis are more likely to be openly emotive, and find it easier to build intimacy, which is what most people respond to, and have a higher chance of resulting in sex and/or relationships.


So, if you're not using emojis, maybe you should, because it could open you up to more opportunities.

(Insert winky face emoji here.)