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He's somewhat of a star these days...

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an unscheduled media appearance in Vancouver on Friday night, when he photobombed a graduation photo.

A group Canadian high school students were preparing for their prom photo when the Trudeau came jogging by them.

Speaking the CBC, one of the students explained what happened.

"We were just taking photos and hanging around talking, and then Trudeau, he just comes running," said student Constantine Maragos.

"At first, we were like, 'Why is the prime minister of Canada running the seawall? And then we started yelling for Trudeau to get in the photo."

Trudeau obliged and made the students' day.


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Later on, Trudeau's official photographer Adam Scotti tweeted a picture of the moment, captioned: "Prom season in #Vancouver".

We can imagine this will only intensify the grá among the public for the Canadian Prime Minister, who has become somewhat of a star around the world over the last year.

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