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21st Jun 2017

PIC: Enda Kenny. On a Dublin Bike. In a vintage Mayo tracksuit. And a backwards cap. That is all.

Rory Cashin

Let us tell you a story…

After a long day at work, one of the writers here at JOE messaged in on his way home to say that he just seen Enda Kenny travelling on a Dublin Bike, in a vintage Mayo tracksuit.

We assumed that the heat had gotten to him, and he had hallucinated such an almighty image.

But he stood firm, informing his Twitter followers of his vision, and cursing the fact that he was obviously too stunned to take a photograph.

Colour us hugely surprised when one of Alan’s followers replied to him… WITH A PICTURE OF THE FORMER TAOISEACH EXACTLY HOW ALAN HAD DESCRIBED HIM.

In fact, the picture was even better than we could have hoped for.

Yes, the Enda was on a Dublin Bike, and yes, he was in a vintage Mayo tracksuit.

But also… the backwards cap…

But also… the socks into the pants legs…

But also… the white plimsoles…

Cheers to John Cruise for the pics!

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