Pics: Seven of the most inappropriate selfies you're ever likely to see 9 years ago

Pics: Seven of the most inappropriate selfies you're ever likely to see

We look at some very strange and somewhat inappropriate selfies that have appeared on social media

In November 2013, the word 'selfie' was announced as the 'Word of the Year' by the Oxford English Dictionary. It's the social media phenomenon which has swept the world. There is a time and a place for the selfie, however, so sometimes, it's just not appropriate.


Barack Obama is the most powerful person on the planet. He's a smart guy. Not a smart guy with a smart phone though. This selfie with David Cameron and the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt (pic below) was deemed wholly inappropriate as it was taken at the funeral of Nelson Mandela. Judging by the picture, his wife Michelle feels the same way.




The selfie above (also main pic) was taken by a pair of Arizona students after their team were beaten in their Elite Eight match against Wisconsin at the weekend. The Arizona students rioted after the defeat and these girls felt this was a fantastic opportunity for a selfie, complete with riot police in the background.


The selfie above was taken by this lady who immediately took to Twitter to pose shortly after the flight she was on crashed upon takeoff. Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the selfie was the only painful thing about this whole experience.


We haven't been able to locate the source for this next selfie (pic below), but we do know it's fairly inappropriate. It's a man posing for a selfie outside a lift. As you can see, the lift is stuck full of panicked looking people trying to get out.


There just has to be a time when you recognise in your own head that it isn't a good time for selfie. We're not sure why this was taken. Perhaps it was taken because the guy does remove a lot of clothing to have a pee, but still, surely it's never appropriate to take a selfie in a toilet, whatever your reason.



We know a lot of people like to take selfies to look attractive or sexy. That's all well and good, but surely there's no need for you to involve your granny in helping you with your sexy look. This is strange at best.


People in relationships have been known to send each other saucy pictures which, of course, is all very well between consenting adults, but we beseech you, beg you to please, have a look around the room before taking the picture. Just in case, you know, your little kid walks in and sees you in a compromising position. How do you explain that? Training for Twister isn't going to cut it.