PICS: Are you clever enough to solve this brain teaser? 6 years ago

PICS: Are you clever enough to solve this brain teaser?

This may frustrate some of you.

Brain teasers and sudoku are a handy way of giving your brain some exercise now and again, but are you clever enough to figure out this tricky conundrum?


Posted on Quora, it's been giving a lot of people problems...

The objective is to arrange the four squares made with toothpicks into three perfect squares using only three moves.


The following rules apply:

  • One move classifies as moving one toothpick in any manner.
  • A perfect square is one in which all four corners are closed (i.e. the toothpicks are touching).
  • You cannot break or otherwise modify a toothpick.
  • You cannot put two toothpicks right next to each other and count that as one side.
  • You must use exactly three moves as mentioned above. No less, no more.
  • All three squares must be of the same size.
  • Every toothpick must be part of a square.

Best of luck and if you want the solution, scroll down this page...
















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Did you solve it?