Planning a great night out? Complete this check-list first 7 years ago

Planning a great night out? Complete this check-list first

Gather your mates and get ready for a great night out on the town. However, before you embark you better make sure you're completely ready...

JOE, in association with Jameson, is going to make sure you have everything ready for when you walk out that door and pursue a fantastic evening on the town. Here we go...


A stocked wallet

This is an obvious one, but JOE still has one friend who always forgets their wallet. Funnily enough, it is usually when it's their turn to pay for the taxi.


Make sure that wallet of yours is well stocked and not just with money... You'll also need the business card of your favourite taxi-driver to bring you home.


Your phone

Of course you will probably remember your phone because if you don't how will you solve the argument of who scored Everton's winner in the 1995 FA Cup final (it was Paul Rideout by the way). Smart phones are fantastic tools for proving you know way more useless stuff than your mates... they thought it was Duncan Ferguson.


Lucky items of clothing


Planning your pursuit of possibilities without your lucky pants? Madness... madness, I tell you.


Decent apps on your phone

So you've made it to the door. Excellent stuff, but oh wait. You need a taxi. You could just call one, but this isn't the Stone Age.


Whip out your phone and use an app to get one to your door almost instantly.

Don't know where you're going? Use an app to tell you the best hotspots around town. It's what technology is for.

that's right

Your mates

Aren't you forgetting something?




Oh yeah, the ones who help make this whole going out thing fun, your mates. Round them up and your sorted.

So that's it folks, a great night full of random shenanigans lies in wait. Make the most.

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