Pornhub does the honourable thing and makes all their premium content FREE 5 years ago

Pornhub does the honourable thing and makes all their premium content FREE

The streaming giant has also provided some intriguing insights...

You've probably noticed by now that it's Valentine's Day, that glorious, not-at-all cynical holiday in which loved ones feel extra special and single folk... don't.


But hey, it's grand. Who needs requited adoration and co-dependence when Pornhub are granting 100% access to everything available on their service for one day only?

Having recorded a 308% increase in traffic in comparison to the monthly average following the same stunt on this day last year - as illustrated by the innuendo-riffic graph below - the site is once again giving away all the 4K ultra-HD pornography you can handle, until midnight anyway.

Pornhub insights Valentine's Day 1

Furthermore, Pornhub has shared some interesting statistics and the like, with a full breakdown of the most-searched-for terms on the joyous day in question:


Pornhub Valentine's Day insights 2

Good to see 'valentine' leading the charge there, shows people are at least getting into the spirit of things, although 'rough sex' and 'making love' being neck-and-neck just raises all sorts of questions, really.

Elsewhere, Pornhub's statisticians report a 267% increase on people engaging with their exclusive content, proof positive that human beings love a good freebie when it comes their way.

So, uh, go easy on this special day, and stay away from any of that AI-generated stuff, yeah?