WATCH: Prepare to be terrified because it's actually raining spiders 4 years ago

WATCH: Prepare to be terrified because it's actually raining spiders

Feel free to show anyone you know that hates spiders.

Just like most things that people are traumatised by, there's probably a very ordinary and mundane reason why some people suffer from arachnophobia.


Perhaps you were too young to actually watch the film Arachnophobia and it scared the living shite out of you?

Maybe a creepy crawly managed to squirm its way onto your pillow while you were sleeping? Perhaps a memorable trip to the garage saw you lock horns with a spider web that could only be killed with fire?

Whatever the reason, we're certain that everyone has a valid reason to absolutely hate spiders but for these residents in Brazil, there's no escaping the eight legged feckers because they're literally falling from the sky.

As you can see, large clusters of spiders in Minas Gerais - a large inland state in southeastern Brazil - have started to drop from the sky due to the climate conditions.


While locals have described this phenomenon as "raining spiders'', experts say that there's a more logical reason for this phenomenon.

Apparently, this is typical in the region when it becomes hot and humid because these spawns of Satan (better known as spiders) work together to form a huge temporary collective web.

While this is a plausible reason, we think that there's a more accurate one - the gates of hell have opened up and this is an undeniable sign that that apocalypse is imminent.


Kill. Them. With. Fire.

Take a look...if you're brave enough.

Clip via Cecilia Fonseca