The price of Jack Daniel's looks set to increase 3 years ago

The price of Jack Daniel's looks set to increase

Bad news for anyone that loves their JD and Coke.

The Hill are reporting that the price of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey is set to increase in every single member state of the European Union due to the new tariffs that have been placed on imported U.S. whiskey.


The new EU policy is in response to the fact that President Trump has imposed similar tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from EU states.

In terms of the goods that will be increasing in price for European consumers, all bourbon, orange juice and motorcycles from the U.S. look set to increase.

Associated Press spoke with a representative for Brown-Forman Corp - they're the company that own Jack Daniel's - and they confirmed that the price of the whiskey looks set to rise by about 10% in EU countries.

The price increase will go into effect over the next couple of months.

This being said, the spokesperson added that the prices should vary, as local distributors and merchants play a role in determining the price.