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21st Jan 2024

Pub cleverly renamed ‘The Gym’ to allow punters avoid Dry January

Simon Kelly

the gym pub

That’s one way to do it.

We’re all trying to swap the pub for the gym this January as is tradition. However, one pub in particular has cleverly given itself a new name in order to allow punters to get around Dry January.

The Maltsters Arms in Swansea, UK, changed its name to ‘The Gym’ last week in a cheeky rebrand to give its regulars an excuse to ditch the strict January health kick and tell their mates they’re going to the gym without any guilt.

As part of its promotion, The Malsters Arms released a series of photos showing off some gym-bunnies drinking out of dumbbell shaped-pints.

Pub cleverly renamed ‘The Gym’ to allow punters avoid Dry January

The stunt is headed by Au Vodka and according to their head of marketing communications, it’s a “playful way to help raise punters’ spirits.”

To kick things off, the pub launched a special event on Friday for their local “gym-goers”.

In a press statement, a company spokesperson said: “Following the antics of New Year a lot of people have promised themselves, and their partners, that 2024 is the year they’ll go to the gym more regularly.

“Lots of people we heard from felt like they had already over-committed and promised their partners, friends or family they’d be in the gym ‘every day’ – when really they’d be more comfortable doing it three times a week or whatever.

“That’s why we’ve launched ‘The Gym’, a gym-themed takeover at The Maltsters Arms pub, Swansea. It’s a playful way to help raise punters’ spirits and bring people together from all walks of life.”

Listen, there’s no shame in having few pints in January, but we must admit it’s a pretty funny move from the UK pub.

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