The clocks go back tonight at 2am, so what happens if you're out on the sesh? 3 years ago

The clocks go back tonight at 2am, so what happens if you're out on the sesh?

At 2am on Sunday morning, all of the clocks go back, and it will become 1am.

Normally we are pretty much focused on whether than means we'll be getting more or less sleep (Answer this time: More. One hour more of sleep, and on a Bank Holiday! Which Gods did we please??), but we have an even more pressing question:

What happens if you're out in a late bar or club at 2am?

Do they stay open an extra hour, or do they remain open the same amount of hours they would on any other Sunday, and still "technically" close at 2am, but by the new clock times, it is actually 1am?

We decided to get some answers at the source, by asking two of Dublin's best-loved late venues.

Copper Face Jacks had this to say: "We will be going by the clocks, so whatever time the clock says, that is the time we will be closing."

And their Harcourt Street neighbour The Black Door said: "We close at 4am, so when it goes back to 1am [from 2am] tonight, we'll be open for [an extra] hour."

So there you have it. If you're not enjoying an extra hour of sleep, you will be enjoying an extra hour of partying.

So when does the time go back again?

Not until 1am on Sunday 26 March 2018, when suddenly it becomes 2am, and we've lost an hour's sleep. Curses!

Daylight savings is the practice of advancing clocks during summer months by one hour, so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer, while sacrificing normal sunrise times.

So in advance of the change on Sunday, you should set a reminder to change all the clocks and electrical devices in your house to the correct time.