A brand-new Halloween festival has just been announced and it sounds deadly 1 year ago

A brand-new Halloween festival has just been announced and it sounds deadly

Púca, Ireland's newest Halloween festival, will be taking place across Trim, Drogheda, and Athboy later this year.

If you ask us, the world hasn't adequately thanked Ireland for coming up with Halloween. Without our ancient Samhain celebrations, children around the world would be deprived a chance to dunk their heads in bowls of water in search of apples or consume enough sweets to fill up the boot of a car.


You're welcome, world...

To celebrate the fact that Halloween is rooted in ancient Irish traditions, this year will see the Púca Festival take place across Ireland's Ancient East. There's an action-packed schedule to look forward to, it's going to be an incredibly unique way to celebrate Halloween.

It's taking place from Thursday, 31 October and running until Saturday, 2 November. While several of the events are free, you can also buy tickets online to the exclusive live music performances and art shows taking place in unique and historic locations across both counties of Louth and Meath.

Each of the three festival hubs will offer something different, but each will celebrate the origin of the now-global traditions of Halloween. We're talking live music, ancient castles being lit up with live light displays, and recreations of ancient pagan rituals.

It's not all about the spooky side of things though. Some of the music acts that'll be performing include Lisa O’Neill, David Keenan, DJ KORMAC, and Jerry Fish.

Expect to hear a lot more news about the festival as we get closer to the date. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got to start thinking about what Halloween costume we want to wear this year.