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31st Oct 2023

Halloween warning issued for trick or treaters over recalled sweets

Charlie Herbert


Parents need to be wary about what sweets their children are eating this Halloween

As kids across the country get ready to go trick or treating this Halloween, parents have been warned about the health risks of some sweets.

Some popular ‘toxic waste’ sweets has been recalled over choking risks that the product could pose to young children.

Food safety watchdogs have placed a ‘do not eat’ alert on ten separate batches of Candy Dynamics’ Toxic Waste Slime Lickers, the MailOnline reports.

The sweets are sold online and in American-style candy stores across the UK, and feature a plastic ball at the top of a container, which is licked to dispense sour liquid. But there are fears that this ball could detach from the container and cause a serious choking hazard.

The rolling ball in the sweet’s container could become detached and pose a choking hazard

Doctor provides tips on potential Halloween choking hazards

The Food Standards Agency has issued a recall for the lines with the following batch codes:

  • 898940001016
  • 060631918297
  • 898940001016
  • 060631918297
  • 898940001696
  • 898940001696
  • 850034597201
  • 850034597201
  • 898940001917
  • 898940001917

This impacts the batches of the two and three-ounce sweets in the blue razz, strawberry, black cherry and sour apple flavours.

Meanwhile, a doctor has warned parents about the risk of choking with other types of sweet, especially if their child is aged three or under.

Dr. Elizabeth Donner told BabyCenter that parents are better opting for treats such as biscuits, cakes, and chocolate bars instead of smaller sweets like jellies.

She explained: “Choking hazards are incredibly common when you start to look at Halloween candies.

“You basically want to avoid anything round, chewy, or gummy if your child is three or younger. Candies that fit these criteria are more likely to cause a choking incident in young kids and should be avoided entirely.”

Dr Donner suggested going through their trick-or-treating bags to eliminate any risks.

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