Succession creator confirms absolutely heartbreaking final detail 3 months ago

Succession creator confirms absolutely heartbreaking final detail

Months later we're still learning more about Logan Roy and his love-hungry children.

WARNING: Spoilers for the final season of Succession ahead.


For the final batch of episodes of Succession, all eyes were on Logan Roy and his children, and what direction the titular succession of power might find itself in. Turns out, it was none of them (as predicted by the eventual successor), and in the fallout of that final episode, show creator Jesse Armstrong and the Succession cast have been filling in some interesting gaps.

From the fate of the siblings (more on that here), to Kieran Culkin's grim prediction on the future of Roman (more here), to the revelation that an important line of dialogue was snipped out of the final episode (more here), there has been plenty to mentally chew over in the months since that finale.

And Armstrong continued to reveal more and more of what might have been during his visit to Barcelona's International Series Festival this week, in which he stated that had Logan Roy had the time to make one final phone call before dying on the plane, he would've made that call to Roman:


Armstrong stated what he figured the thought process might be for Logan Roy and that final call: "That generation don't tend to say... What would he say? He wouldn't say 'I love you', but he would say something that meant Roman knew he meant 'I love you'.

"But he couldn't use those words to his son, I don't think. We'd have to figure it out in the writer's room, what the Logan version is of 'I love you'.

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