QUIZ: Do you know as much as you think you do about recycling? 9 months ago

QUIZ: Do you know as much as you think you do about recycling?

Brought to you by Repak. 

Do you know your recycling from your renewables?

Recycling might have been a relatively new thing in Ireland 20 years ago but most of us now know a thing or two about being environmentally-friendly. Recycling wasn't always second nature to us.

Repak is currently celebrating 20 years of recycling success in Ireland and we've all come a long way in that time. During those 20 years, the nation has diverted over 10 million tonnes from landfill. Not bad at all!

To mark this notable anniversary, we thought we'd see how much you actually know about recycling. Are you the sort of person who knows exactly what to recycle or are you constantly scratching your head over what goes into which bin?


You don't have to be an eco warrior to do well. The big question is can you finish with a higher score than your mates?

Over the last 20 years, Ireland has recycled eight billion plastic bottles, seven billion glass bottles, six billion cans and four million tonnes of paper and cardboard. Repak is funded by its members – members who have helped divert over 10 million tonnes of packaging waste from landfill. These members include supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, shops and many other businesses who produce packaging and are committed to meeting their obligations to recycle their packaging and help pay for the collection of your recycling bins by being members of Repak.

Brought to you by Repak.