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28th Jan 2023

Woman who earns more than boyfriend ‘gets the ick’ because she has to pay for everything

Callum Boyle

‘I cannot help feeling less attracted to him because of this.’

A woman has sparked debate online after she admitted that her partner gives her the ‘ick’ because he lets her pay for everything due to earning more than him.

Posting on the parenting platform Mumsnet, the woman – who remained anonymous- explained that her current partner earns £25,000 a year, however, she is earning four times more.

She said that she wanted things to be split evenly ‘or at least on track to be’ however that has yet to happen.

The woman explained: “DP (darling partner) and I have been together around 8 months – were friends for around a year prior to being in a relationship.

“We met through work and clicked immediately. I had left ExH (ex-husband) six months prior to meeting him. I have a DD (darling daughter) who is 3.5. ExH was financially abusive and contributes a minimal amount to her life.

“I didn’t initially fancy DP – not my type on paper at all and genuinely saw us as friends but the more I got to know him, the more I found attractive.

“My main concern before getting together, which we discussed at length before anything happened, was money and finances.”

She then continued to explain that her husband had potential to be earning a similar wage in three-five years time but after initially showing ambition to reach that level, believes he isn’t putting in the effort anymore and leaves her to pick up “99 per cent of things.”

Comments flooded in with some encouraging the woman to end the relationship, citing the fact that he is probably using her.

One person said: “Unfortunately you’ll have to end this. I would be completely put off. Like you, I work incredibly hard and I expect people to have self motivation. Just be kind but say this is not working.”

A second added: “I think it’s more than just ‘the ick’. He sounds like a bit of a user. Just because he’s ‘nice’ doesn’t mean he’s good enough for you.”

Meanwhile, others defended the man, saying that she shouldn’t ‘look down’ on him because he’s earning less money.

“If I was him I would leave you,” someone said.

“Go find someone who earns more money if that’s all you care about.”

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