Here's how to make €9-11 on Revolut in just a few minutes 1 year ago

Here's how to make €9-11 on Revolut in just a few minutes

Treat yourself to a takeaway tonight.

Fancy making a quick bit of cash?


Revolut are giving away free money, and all you have to is take a few quizzes.

The quizzes can be found in the Cryptocurrency section of the app, under the Learn header.

By watching some short videos and reading some articles, Revolut users can make between €9 and €11 by selling the cryptocurrency they make from taking the quizzes.

Now, of COURSE, you could just search the answers for the quizzes online and use those answers to make a quick buck.


We would never advocate for such cheating, and are big believers in fair and ethical quizzing.

On a totally separate note, we're going to leave this completely unrelated answer sheet in this article, and if you should happen to use the answers in a hypothetical quiz or series of quizzes sometime soon, then that's on you, not us.

Crypto vs Fiat:

  1. Government-issued money
  2. Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, fiat money is controlled by a central authority
  3. Special users called 'miners' or 'validators'

Cryptography in crypto:

  1. It removes the need for a central authority, prevents double spending, and adds security
  2. A public key is like your account number and your private key is like your password
  3. It's impossible to work out someone's private key by looking at their public key

Basic of blockchain:

  1. A decentralised database
  2. Anyone with a computer and the internet
  3. It's not controlled by a central party and can be viewed by anyone

Risks of crypto:

  1. None - crypto is not regulated in most countries around the world
  2. Everything - your investment could go to zero
  3. When you are in debt, or you cannot afford to lose the money you invested

Intro to Polkadot:

  1. Slow transaction speeds, high fees and inability to communicate with other blockchains
  2. A new web built around decentralised technologies where users have more control over their data
  3. It allows multiple blockchains to communicate with each other to communicate with each other and process transactions at the same time

How Polkadot works:

  1. A blockchain that connects other blockchains and allows them to communicate
  2. A blockchain that connects to the Relay Chain and operates in parallel to other parachains
  3. The inability of blockchains to communicate with each other

Who decides on the future of Polkadot:

  1. People who hold DOT token
  2. A pot of tokens to support projects that benefit the network
  3. It's governed by community through voting

DOT Tokens:

  1. DOT
  2. Helping secure the network by locking up DOT tokens, in return for a reward in DOT tokens
  3. Locking up tokens in order to secure a slot for your parachain on the relay chain

Polkadot and its uses:

  1. NFTs, DeFi, powering smart cities
  2. Polkadot apps don't need to rely on a middleman to work, and can keep your data safer
  3. Via the Relay Chain

“Our Learn & Earn feature was created as a result of research the FCA conducted into potential consumer harms around crypto assets, which found that many consumers overestimated their knowledge of crypto assets," aRevolut spokesperson said.

"We created this product to help address this problem and allow users to learn more about crypto and blockchain in a safe and secure environment.”