New poll reveals that the majority of people believe Ross didn't cheat on Rachel 2 years ago

New poll reveals that the majority of people believe Ross didn't cheat on Rachel

Turns out most of you believe that they really were on a break...

As we close in on 22 September, which will mark the 25 year anniversary since the premiere of the first episode of Friends, more and more factoids are coming out of the woodwork about arguably the most famous TV show in history.


From the fact that there was nearly a seventh, older friend originally in the line-up, to Rachel nearly being written out of the show entirely in the first season, it is maddening to think how very different things could have been.

However, one thing that was very real, and one thing that continues to be argued over to this very day, are the actions taken by Ross during "the break" from Rachel.

You'll remember that the couple were arguing a lot, Rachel called for a break, and within hours Ross had hooked up with copy girl Chloe. It was the reason why - aside from a one-night-stand that resulted in Rachel getting pregnant - they never got back together until the very last episode.

Friends, families, and relationships have been torn apart by asking the question of whether or not Ross was in the wrong and cheated on Rachel, or if all bets were off because Rachel had requested the break in the first place.


Well, dating website Plenty Of Fish asked that very question, and the results (via People Magazine) may be surprising to some: 60% of people asked believe that Ross was in the right, and didn't cheat on Rachel.

And while more men believed this to be the case than women, women still voted in the majority of support of Ross' actions: 44% of women believe he cheated, while just 36% of men believe he was unfaithful.

Meanwhile, POF also asked what everyone thought "on a break" actually meant, and this might be useful information to know if you're ever in a relationship and request a break, because you both might have some VERY different definitions:

38% believe it means the relationship is now open while you both try to figure things out, 33% believe that the couple should remain monogamous while they attempt to fix things, and 29% believe that the couple have now broken up and are free to date and hook up with whomever they like.


So... maybe that was the problem all along. When Rachel asked for "a break", her version of a break was very different from Ross'.