Scientists may have just discovered the best hangover cure yet 2 years ago

Scientists may have just discovered the best hangover cure yet

While the temptation may be to destroy three breakfast rolls and a vat of coffee to kill a hangover, this is cheaper, healthier and won't make you need to use the jacks every ten minutes.

We're all for it.

Scientists in Australia have discovered that the humble pear could be key to killing your hangover before it even begins.

CSIRO, Australia's national science body, have found many medicinal attributes to the fruit; it can lower cholesterol and relieve constipation and inflammation.



It can also help your hangover.

Manny Noakes, research director, says: "Believe it or not, there are effects that pears may have on the amount of blood alcohol after an alcoholic drink."

He does stipulate one thing, however - get the fruit into you before you start boozing.

"I should make the point that the effect was demonstrated if you take pear juice before alcohol consumption. Once you have a hangover, there is no evidence that it will do you any good."


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