These 'shoe condoms' could be just what you need this festival season 4 years ago

These 'shoe condoms' could be just what you need this festival season

A potential solution to a constant problem for festival-goers.

Festival season is fast approaching in Ireland.


And although we'd like to imagine that we're going to be blessed with gorgeous weather and perfect conditions, let's be honest, this probably won't be the case.

We've all experienced that horrible feeling of getting your clothes absolutely destroyed with rain or mud the second you arrive at a festival. It's hard to recover from it...

But with these 'shoe condoms', you can at least be sure that one part of your outfit will remain safe.

shoe condom


They're machine washable too, so you'll get a good bit of use out of them if you're planning on attending a load of festivals this summer.

The wraps even feature special non-slip pads on the sole to stop unfortunate accidents whilst wearing them.

And because they're see through, you can still look as stylish as ever.

If you're interested, or looking for more information, visit the official Firebox website, where the shoe protectors can be bought for just over a tenner.


Stradbally won't know what's hit it when you show up rocking these bad boys.