PICS: The first of the heavy snow has arrived in Ireland 3 years ago

PICS: The first of the heavy snow has arrived in Ireland

Snow day!

Yep, after November and December and nearly all of January came and went and the entire country thought to itself "Did we just get away with it?", winter has arrived all of a sudden this week.


If you remember back to 2018, it wasn't until February and March when the worst of the snow and storms and really low temperatures arrived, and now it looks like we might be heading back into that territory.

On Tuesday morning, Gardaí have warned drivers to be safe while driving on Tuesday as snowy weather may have an affect on driving conditions.

Throughout the day, Twitter users have been posting images of the snow hitting different parts of the country, with the worst seemingly hitting Cork and Kerry so far...



Met Eireann have expanded their weather warning all the way to Saturday, with the most recent update on the warning stating as follows:

"Very cold this week with showers of hail, sleet and snow, frequent across the southwest, west and north, where some significant accumulations are possible this evening and overnight. There will be widespread frost with icy stretches on untreated surfaces. There is the potential for further significant snowfall in places on Thursday."