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01st Mar 2018

WATCH: Three very different but equally brilliant Irish variations on snow-sledding

Rory Cashin

The Beast From The East brought out the Irish ingenuity.

Before the severity of Storm Emma hit Ireland, a lot of people went out and had fun in the sun snow, and in typical Irish fashion, went about their snowy fun in the most unique ways imaginable.

And lucky for us, they caught the footage on their phones and sent them on in to us to enjoy!

The first video sent in to us in JOE was by Tadhg O Conchobhair.

Tadhg (28) and his mates Kieran (30), Sean (27), and Jessica (24), obviously wanted to go sledding in the snow, but without an actual sled, they used a bit of Irish ingenuity.

Hence, the snow-canoe was born! It workes for the most part, until Jessica goes flying from the canoe, and the rope gets tangled around Sean’s leg, bringing him down, too.

The next video was sent in by Lauren O’Reilly, and it shows 59-year-old grandmother Ann taking the fast way down the side of the Pope’s Cross hill in the Phoenix Park in Dublin.

Again, it all seems to be going well enough… right up until it doesn’t anymore.

And last but not least, there is this video sent in to us by Tommy Ryan.

Tommy and his mates hooked themselves up to the back of a few tractors – Tommy on an actual sled, his mates on bits of sheeting from a near by shed (so… they went shedding?) – and find the most fun way to get across a frozen Wexford field.