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01st Jan 2014

Some of the funniest videos of 2013

We've had a few laughs this year at some brilliant videos so here are a few of our favourites


We’ve had a few laughs this year at some brilliant videos so here are a few of our favourites

What else was the internet made for than just having a good laugh? Well, speedy transfer of information we suppose, but who wants to see a compilation of that?

Nick Collins falls over

We’ll start with a classic that poor old Nick Collins is going to struggle to live down. For some reason, seeing people fall over on TV is always funny, especially when they’re reporting the news. We don’t know why this made us laugh so much, but it’s still funny now.

Luis Suarez

It’s nice to see that footballers are happy to take the piss out of themselves the odd time, and this hilarious ad from Uruguay showed that even the most controversial of players is well aware that what he does on the pitch garners plenty of attention. This season he’s been grabbing more headlines for his goals than his behaviour, but this ad made us laugh heartily when we first saw it during the summer.

Karl Stefanovic is our favourite newsreader

As JOE knows all to well, there’s very little joy in doing early morning shifts, but if you can amuse yourself with some childish pranks, like Karl Stefanovic does here to poor Roz Kelly, then you might enjoy them that bit more.

Foghorn prank

Stick a foghorn on a tiny car, then go around scaring people. Sometimes the simple ideas are the best ones.

Bane’s obsession with fibre

Alright, this was from December of 2012, but we’re putting it in here because it’s absolutely hilarious and still one of our favourite videos of the last few years, never mind the just the last 12 months. This video comes close to winning the internet, in our humble opinion. Time to go mobile…

Some very biased rugby commentary

When it comes to biased commentary, it’s hard to beat Effin’ Eddie, but this video comes close. There are a few profanities, so slap the headphones in if you’re surrounded by your relations today, and listen up to some of the best commentary you’re likely to hear.

The old ‘fake professor’ prank

Most people will respond to someone who looks like they’re in charge, and that’s exactly what happened to this class full of freshman students in the states. It’s quite a while before anyone even realises what’s happening and the real professor walks in, at which point the fake one shows a decent turn of pace.

This is what shaking your protein shake looks like

You’ve been to the gym, you’ve worked up a sweat and you look a bit disheveled, then you start to do this… it doesn’t look good.

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