The new official Star Wars hotel will actually assign missions to guests 5 years ago

The new official Star Wars hotel will actually assign missions to guests

Isn't this exactly how Westworld starts??

A few months back we reported that DisneyLand Paris would be opening new Star Wars and Marvel Lands in their park, but the American locations are going one further with their new Star Wars hotel.


According to Travel + Leisure, the new hotels - named Galaxy's Edge - is set to open in California in Summer 2019, and then in Florida in Autumn 2019.

On top of getting an immersive Star Wars experience, the new details have emerged show that visitors to the hotel will actually be assigned missions upon checking in.

Over the course of their stay, they'll be asked to travel through the entire park and find hidden sections that have been added specifically for Galaxy Edge guests, which will lead them to interacting with other Star Wars characters, and from there... well, it depends what mission you've been assigned.

Maybe you've got to shoot Greedo first? Maybe you've to collect a big bag of space credits to pay off a space gangster? Maybe you need to find a planet saving device? There will most likely be a number of different missions, so repeat visitors will never get the same experience twice.


What we do know is that this sounds eerily similar to the plot set-up for Westworld, and if memory serves, that didn't turn out so great for everyone. Hopefully this version will involve less murder-bots...

You can check out the full report on the newly released information right here:

Clip via DSNY Newscast - The World of Disney News