You can now buy high-end Stella Artois shirts, trousers and jumpers 2 years ago

You can now buy high-end Stella Artois shirts, trousers and jumpers

What a look.

Clothing brand Palace has teamed up with Belgian beer giants Stella Artois to provide a new, high-end fashion range that will turn heads to say the least.


The collaboration is an unlikely one, considering Palace made its name as a skateboard shop and skate clothing manufacturer. The pieces in this range are a little more high-end than Palace's usual offering, but that's probably due to the involvement of Stella.

The range draws on Stella's unique and instantly recognisable logo, with pieces as diverse as a smart shirt to a hoodie and to a wallet. All are, of course, emblazoned with the iconic Stella Artois design.

Each piece from the range has been depicted in a slideshow on the Hypefoods Instagram page.

The range will go live on the Palace UK website on 19 February, where it will be available to Stella and fashion aficionados in the UK, Europe, USA and China.


A statement published on the Stella Artois website goes into a bit more detail as to the inspiration behind the collaboration.

It reads: "Stella Artois has collaborated with skate brand PALACE SKATEBOARDS to release a limited-edition collection of elevated street-style essentials and home bar accessories: PALACE ARTOIS.

"Inviting you to savour life together, the PALACE ARTOIS capsule line takes inspiration from Stella's visual identity, skateboard culture, and that much-missed hub of social life: the pub."