Life | 3 months ago

Outrageous shot.

While we're certain that you were all perfect, studious and well-behaved students, there's still no escaping the need to get up to some mild mischief in an effort to break the boredom.

Paper airplanes, pen-clicking contests or a sneaky session on your mobile phone are some of the more popular distractions, but Samuel Grubbs has a very different method of acting the maggot in class.

Take a look at the footage that the UNC Charlotte student captured of his fellow classmates and their brilliantly choreographed and executed trick shot.

While teachers all over the world will be praying that this isn't copied in their classroom, we have to applaud the effort, delivery and celebrations here.



Episode 8 of The JOE Show is bringing thrills, spills and a hell of a lot of sunburn.

Take a look at Ireland's first social chat show - featuring entertainment in the form of TV and radio presenter Stephen Byrne, an exclusive interview with Mark Wahlberg and a brilliant Magic Cover from New Valley Wolves.

Shifts will be bringing the laughs in their latest sketch while Joe Gorman is facing his phobias of heights and water at the new Tayto Park ride, the Viking Voyage. Plus, we'll be taking a look back at the time we won the Euros...


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