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29th Jul 2019

Putting sugar in your tea is unnecessary, finds study

Finally, what we've always known to be true.

Anna O'Rourke

When it comes to divisive topics, nothing gets people quite like how a cup of tea should be made.

Now, finally, we have proof (sort of) that sugar has no place in tea.

A new study has shown that people who stopped taking sugar didn’t find their cuppa any less enjoyable than they did before.

Researchers at the University of Leeds and University College London observed 64 men who had always taken sugar in their tea across a month-long experiment.

A portion of the men gave up sugar in their tea ‘cold turkey’ and a portion gave it up gradually by reducing it across the month.

There was also a control group who continued to drink sugar in their tea as normal.

After a month, it was found that 46 per cent of those in the group that gave up sugar gradually ended up staying off it altogether.

Those in the cold turkey group were slightly less successful, with 36 per cent managing to permanently give up sugar.

Interestingly, six percent of those in the control group also gave up sugar after the experiment despite not having had to go without it.

“Excess sugar intake is a public health problem and sugar in beverages contributes substantially to total intake,” the researchers said.

“Reducing sugar intake from beverages may therefore help to reduce overall consumption.”

They concluded that a repeat study with a larger sample size is needed.

Sugar has become a key enemy in the war against obesity in recent years.

It’s also associated with tooth decay, type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease, as well as aging and a weakened immune system.

Here in Ireland it’s estimated that we consume ten to 14 teaspoonfuls of sugar a day.

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