Superman stops the Spire from collapsing into the GPO in new comic 2 months ago

Superman stops the Spire from collapsing into the GPO in new comic

"A weather bomb has hit Ireland and the River Liffey has flooded..."

Over the years, be it through movies or TV shows or comic books, Ireland has remained pretty much untouched by international incidents or apocalyptic events.


The closest the MCU has gotten has been London or Edinburgh.

James Bond has never visited.

The Fast & Furious saga hasn't touched these shores.

And while Mission: Impossible claims to have been in Belfast for one scene, it was all indoors, so it really could've been anywhere.


So when we find out that the latest issue of the Superman comic finds the hero in Ireland, it is of course going to get our attention, especially if it means he's saving Dublin from complete destruction.

Issue #10 of Superman: Son Of Kal-El sees the offspring of the Man Of Steel taking on the titular mantle, going head-to-head with Henry Bendix, the president of fictional nation Gammora, who has teamed up with other dangerous regimes around the world in an attempt to discredit or outright destroy superheroes all over the world.

During the issue, a weather bomb strikes Ireland, causing the Liffey to flood, and the Spire to collapse onto the GPO...


During the scene, we see Superman save a little girl Cara and her Dad from being trapped under the slowly collapsing roof of the GPO.

Using his heat vision, he obliterates who chunks of the roof of the GPO as it falls, before simply taking the Spire up into the sky and flying away with it...

This particular run of issues, which is drawn by Irish artist Cian Tormey, also recently garnered attention when Jon Kent (aka son of Clark) came out as bisexual, following a kiss shared with in-world reporter Jay Nakamura.

You can purchase this issue of the comic book right here, and you can check out the full Irish scenes via Reddit right here.


Main image via Twitter/@CianTormey