Temperatures will drop to -3 degrees this weekend 3 years ago

Temperatures will drop to -3 degrees this weekend

-3 degrees.

Usually, in times like this, we'd advise that you prepare a hot water bottle or "get out the blankets" or something whimsical like that but -3, lads. This is serious.


This requires additional duvets. This might even require re-insulating your house. We're not ones for hyperbole, but this might even be worth moving to Barbados.

As of Thursday morning (14 November), Met Éireann is forecasting temperatures between 0 and -3 degrees on both Friday and Sunday night. Both nights are set to be "cold and frosty" with patches of mist.

Tonight isn't looking much better, with lows of -2 on the horizon, but Saturday should offer some respite as Met Éireann don't expect temperatures to drop below 1 degree. Not too shabby. Might head to the beach.

In addition to the cold, hail is expected on parts of the east coast, but there's no snow to be spoken of until next Tuesday at least.


The days won't be all that much better, with highs of between 4 and 8 degrees forecasted throughout between now and the end of the week.

The latest cold snap follows a heavy rain and snow warning for seven counties issued yesterday that remained in place until 2am this morning.

You can keep up-to-date with Met Éireann's latest national forecast here.